Our approach to the circular economy has a name, 4R, which stands for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew.



These principles help us create a framework and guide our innovations, research, partnerships and involvement in the entire ecosystem of the environment and sustainable mobility.

The Group creates products and services with their entire life cycles in mind, designing them for long-term use, to protect the environment and to allow our customers to drive longer while still enjoying superior performance.

“R” as in recycler

Recycling takes old materials and turns them into new products or energy. We designed our tires to be recycled and to incorporate new recycled materials.

Recovery and repurposing of end-of-life tires

All tires will wear out eventually. This is why we actively participate in recovering end-of-life tires in most countries where we do business in order to recycle them.


Implementing suitable technical and economic systems is a major challenge for the entire tire industry.


A 2017 study conducted for the TIRE INDUSTRY PROJECT (TIP) showed that 70% of end-of-life tires are recovered and repurposed in some way by approved facilities or those certified in compliance with local regulations. In Europe, this rate is over 90%.


For many years, Michelin has been working on effective solutions and continues to play a leading role in the different recycling sectors.

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