The FIM MotoE™ World Cup has lost no time finding its marks and Michelin is making a valuable contribution to the championship’s relevance with the MICHELIN Slick MotoE™, the compound of which now incorporates bio-sourced and regenerated materials.


Racing has long provided Michelin with opportunities to evaluate new technologies in exacting conditions, and our latest MotoE™ tire has broken important new ground with the incorporation of sustainable materials while continuing to deliver top performance. This sort of work dovetails perfectly with the Group’s strategy and is a concrete example of how motorsport can serve as a powerful laboratory in the interest of sustainable mobility. The research Michelin carries out in racing illustrates the brand’s resolve to use renewable and recycled resources to manufacture and market tires that are more and more respectful of the environment.
Matthieu Bonardel, Michelin Motorsport director

Tires made of sustainable materials have proven their worth

The success enjoyed by the 2020 FIM MotoE World Cup was extremely rewarding and the new-spec MICHELIN Slick MotoE played its part in the process by meeting the specific needs of the Energica Ego Corsa-designed and made all-electric motorbikes that star in the series. Rider confidence has grown and the year’s seven fiercely-fought rounds at three venues were won by five different riders, while lap times and race-durations came down compared with the championship’s inaugural campaign.

We learnt so much this season and we were very pleased with the performance of our MotoE™ range which now incorporates sustainable materials.
Piero Taramasso, manager of Michelin’s two-wheel motorsport activities

“We learnt so much this season and we were very pleased with the performance of our MotoE range which now incorporates sustainable materials,” says Piero Taramasso, manager of Michelin’s two-wheel motorsport activities. “Laps times improved, as did overall performance and rider confidence.”

The point of view of our pilots

Through this great Lab that is competition, Michelin has experimented innovative solutions hailed by the best MotoE™ riders.


The new Michelins performed faultlessly. Designing tires for this type of bike can’t be easy, but they are one of its biggest qualities.
Jordi Torres (Pons Racing 40/MICHELIN), MotoE™ champion in 2020
The bike is fun to ride with these new Michelin tires. We benefit from great grip and they’re good to race. I have no doubt we will see the development work continue and the bikes become faster and lighter as we get closer to the times posted in MotoGP™.
Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP/MICHELIN), third-placed
These bikes give good grip and good power but you need to understand how to ride them. You really can improve your times.
Matteo Ferrari (TRENTINO Gresini MotoE™ /MICHELIN), 2020’s silver-medallist

Buoyed by the praise of the FIM MotoE™ World Cup’s protagonists, Michelin will continue to put its innovative solutions through their paces on the championship’s highly-specific bikes as it steps up the incubation of promising new materials that combine winning performance with the pledge of more sustainable mobility in the future.


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