A #PerformanceMadeToLast concept picked up by the European Parliament, which recently expressed its support, from 2022, for testing worn tires. The Group was delighted as it has been campaigning for the implementation of such tests for a very long time and is committed to lasting performance on both the racetrack and the road.

In figures:

80% of Michelin tires must exceed new tire qualification even when they are worn: this is Michelin’s objective for 2020

Performance made to last

Every year at Le Mans, Michelin demonstrates that the performance of its tires in terms of safety and efficiency is assessed over time, first.


In car racing, there is no point being the best on the first laps of the tracks or the first hours of the race if your tires lose efficiency when night falls or the weather conditions change.


Over the years and the races, Michelin has always highlighted the importance of performance over time, in everyday life too.

In motor racing and everyday life

The Group has been committed to a long-term sustainable performance strategy for many years, which applies first to motorsports before Business Lines and all products, from cars to heavy trucks and motorbikes too.


Our design choices maximize the use of materials and resources with tires that guarantee lasting performance throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, they help reduce environmental impact and prolong the life of the tire.


In Europe alone, replacing tires every year before the legal wear limit of 1.6mm generates:


128 million extra tires manufactured

6.6 million tons of CO2 emitted

6.9 billion euros of extra costs for car owners

An extreme laboratory...

Le Mans, like competition motorsports in general, has always been a fantastic laboratory for our customers and partners and a fabulous showcase for our expertise.


The 24 hours at Le Mans is an incomparable opportunity for testing tires in extreme road conditions with sections on a closed track, the Bugatti track, and sections on roads that are normally open to traffic. The road surface is irregular. Moreover, for a 24-hour race in June, there can be sudden variations in temperature and weather conditions.


This intense race pushes MICHELIN to continuously propose and test new technological solutions to increase the performance, longevity, versatility, consistency and safety of its tires.

...at the service of our customers and partners

All the technology tested in racing can then be found, more or less quickly, in our mass-produced tires such as the latest Pilot range with, in particular, the new PS4 SUV released in March 2019 that benefited hugely from technology transfer from competition tires.

Recognized endurance expertise

Michelin’s expertise in product longevity is broadly recognized in endurance; of the 62 teams racing this year, 53 have chosen tires by the Clermont-Ferrand manufacturer, whatever their category: LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro and GT Am.


Michelin’s work on lasting performance has also been highlighted by regulatory organizations as the European Parliament is supporting tests on used tires from 2022. Moreover, Michelin has been campaigning for this testing for many years.

Europe will soon legislate on worn tire testing

Within the framework of regulation R117, there is a test on wet surfaces, which is widely recognized by the tire industry for testing new tires, and a minimum legal performance threshold for said tires.


Michelin would like this same test to be used for worn tires, to establish a minimum threshold for their performance.


A working group must still define the methods for these tests, the reference tires and the regulatory limits that must be respected. This work must be approved by the European Parliament in autumn 2019 before being presented to a final vote in the competent councils of ministers.

Michelin at Le Mans: nearly a century of history

The 24 Hour Le Mans race is the most famous endurance motor race in the world. Founded in 1923, this year the competition celebrates its 96th anniversary (87th edition). Winner of the first edition in 1923, in 2019 MICHELIN aims for its 22nd consecutive victory and a 28th in total.

Le Mans 2019

The 2019 edition of the 24 Hour Le Mans race (15th to 16th June) marks the end of the “FIA WEC Super Season” which began in May 2018 in Spa. The 24 Hour race has been held twice this Super Season. It will now stand as the final of the FIA WEC championship for both years. This year at Le Mans, Michelin is partner to 53 out of the 62 cars in the race!

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