This self-regenerating tread evolves as the tire is used. New, it is firm and rigid, improving tire longevity and reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption. As the miles are traveled and wear begins, grooves hidden on the brand new tire appear, ensuring a continuously high level of grip throughout the tire’s lifetime. This innovation was made possible by our expertise in 3D metal printing, which led to a geometric design.


Available in different ranges of MICHELIN heavy truck tires since 2013, this technological breakthrough has improved many aspects of driving. Thanks to REGENION, Michelin achieved an “A grading” for roll resistance on all its truck tires (front, rear and trailer). In 2016, the Group launched the first triple A convoy on the market, which helps trucks get 235 miles more out of every gallon. This makes it the most energy efficient tire in Europe.


"If all MICHELIN Heavy Truck tires in Europe had this technology, it would mean the equivalent of a month’s less CO2 emissions in a city like Paris."

Agnès Poulbot


This illustrates the incredible power of this innovation as a support for mobility that is cleaner, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.


Metal additive manufacture or 3D metal printing is a flourishing recent market - and Michelin is one of its pioneers. The Group understood the potential of this new technology way back in 2006. Very quickly, it developed unique expertise in the design and production of large series of complex parts and molds. For several years now, this expertise has been applied to different touring and heavy truck tire ranges: MICHELIN Premier A/S, MICHELIN Premier LTX, MICHELIN CrossClimate, MICHELIN X Line Energy, MICHELIN X-Multi. In early 2018, the Group extended its scope to the manufacture of the first motorbike tire using 3D metal printing: MICHELIN ROAD 5.



In 2016, Michelin also joined forces with Fives, a world famous expert in production machine engineering, to create the company AddUp, as a joint venture. With its head offices near Clermont-Ferrand (France), AddUp offers its customers reliable, global industrial solutions in 3D metal printing including:

  • design and printing of Proof of Concept (POC)
  • associated training and services


Through its offers tailored to each customer’s projects, AddUp has set its sights on becoming the reference in all sectors that want to industrially exploit the advantages of 3D metal printing: aeronautics, automotive industry, energy, medical, luxury and all other fields concerned by industry.

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