With over 1.3 billion people worldwide living with a form of disability, according to World Bank estimates, Michelin is now taking its commitment to a new level in the support of diversity inclusion in the Company, all over the world.

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In keeping with its corporate purpose of “Offering everyone a better way forward”, the Group encourages the integration and development of people with disabilities in line with its leadership model, which puts people at the center of its ways of being and acting. Michelin leads people with disabilities on personalized career paths, in accordance with its talent development policy. Employee well-being is considered a priority at Michelin, which means enabling everyone to express their authenticity and full potential.

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We are extremely proud to join the ‘Valuable 500’ and be part of a network of leaders who are committed to including and integrating people with disabilities in the workplace, everywhere in the world.
Nicolas Beaumont, Senior Vice-President, Sustainable Development and Mobility

Michelin is also a signatory of the International Labour Organization’s new Global Business and Disability Network Charter and has signed an international partnership agreement with Handicap International – Humanity and Inclusion. These partnerships support its diversity inclusion initiatives.

*The Valuable 500’s aim is to trigger in-depth change: for businesses to explicitly commit not only to step up their efforts to include people with disabilities, but, more importantly, to unlock the potential of those individuals.

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