Created in January 2014, at the initiative of Jean-Dominique Senard, President of the Michelin Group, the Michelin Corporate Foundation perpetuates the Group’s long tradition of sponsorship, started over a century ago by the Group’s founders.


The spearhead of Michelin’s social commitment, its action reflects the values of respect and solidarity that are so dear to the Group.


It is a Foundation which, from the very outset, has been under the sign of “People on the Move”, supporting innovative projects in five different areas:

  1. Sustainable mobility
  2. Sport and health
  3. Education and solidarity
  4. Environmental protection
  5. Culture and heritage


Men and women on the move are those who take one more step towards the future. One more step towards developing more sustainable mobility or towards protecting the environment. One more step towards improving health or education or towards promoting culture. And finally one more step towards more socially responsible mobility, offering everyone the possibility of moving forward, both literally and figuratively.


Throughout the world the Michelin Corporate Foundation is committed, with its partners, to giving new momentum to the men and women who are stakeholders in our company.


To date the Michelin Corporate Foundation has provided financial support to numerous projects in around twenty countries worldwide, 73 of which in 2016 alone. In all, thanks to support from the Michelin Foundation, over 120 innovative projects have come into being over the past four years. These are projects with the shared ambition of promoting general interest over the long term, in all the countries where the Group is established.  The Foundation’s vocation is to take action in addition to sponsorship activities already in existence through the Group’s subsidiaries, notably by relaying their involvement in local life. Sponsorship is indeed already highly present in the many countries in which Michelin is active.


The various areas in which the Foundation operates also enable many Group staff to take part in the Foundation’s sponsorship actions. In this way the Foundation seeks to offer to all the Group’s staff a new opportunity for demonstrating their spirit of generosity and their creativity.


Every sponsorship action is monitored specifically by a Michelin “Godfather” or “Godmother”, one of the Group’s members of staff. He or she is appointed by the Foundation on a voluntary basis and commits to follow the sponsorship action for as long as it lasts, in close collaboration with the internal or external partner supporting the Foundation’s project.


Promises for a future with more sustainable mobility, with more solidarity … the scope and diversity of the projects already being supported witness to the dynamism of the Michelin Corporate Foundation and every day constitute a source of pride for all Group employees.


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