80% of the employees were engaged in 2017


The “Progress Together” study measures the level of employee commitment, particularly in terms of personal development, empowerment, management quality and work environment in general. The annual study helps track changes in employee perception and measure the effects of any action taken.


Balance and well-being at work
Michelin wants to create work conditions that promote balance and well-being. Actions are developed to improve work environment and organization:


Better life / work balance
Better flexibility for part-time work
Occupational stress prevention actions adapted to the cultures of the various countries
An active health and safety policy
Actions to meet the employees’ needs, particularly through the creation of the Health, Safety and Quality of Work Life Steering Committees, for each site


Redefining the essentials for personal development
Personal development and internal mobility are still priorities for the Group.
From the first position and beyond, Michelin seeks the fulfillment of its employees in the exercise of their responsibilities and appreciates each person with a view to continuously developing their skills. Its training and skills management policy offers everyone the opportunity to develop throughout their professional career.
The Personnel department changes, launched in 2016, have progressively established a new balance in roles and responsibilities. It aims to give employees, managers and teams the possibility of becoming “fully responsible” for actions concerning management, development, pay and internal recruitment.


An active training policy
Michelin’s ambition is to pursue a policy that is both active and balanced in terms of personal development. Testifying to this policy, the Training Access Rate (which defines the number of training hours compared to the number of hours worked) was 3.2% for 2017 representing an average investment of 54 training hours per person (not including distribution networks).


An empowerment initiative
One of our principles is to empower people who are performing the task because they know more about it. This approach often reveals skills they didn’t know they had and which will help them move forward and develop.


Edouard Michelin (1928)
"Trust, independence and personal development encourage the commitment that is essential for any performance to last. With the launch of Empowering Organizations, Michelin wants to develop the independence of every person in all teams, to generate fulfillment in their jobs and from that, improve overall performance. This means more versatility, cooperation, solidarity and responsibility for the teams. This initiative has been deployed at every level in many factories."


Finally, Michelin sees diversity as an indicator of value and an asset for performance and innovation. Through a multi-action program, the Group encourages open-mindedness. The priority focus is on the feminization of the company, as well as on the awareness of discrimination. Michelin also runs a policy promoting the recruitment of people with disabilities.

An international “Diversity” network federates the group’s Diversity Managers in each of the countries where Michelin is present. The members of this network support the managers and the Personnel Department, in particular development partners and recruiters whose objective is to promote and develop diversity.


Michelin’s benefits package policy reflects the company’s social responsibility. In terms of healthcare, insurance and pension, Michelin supplements the national systems to provide comparable benefits in most countries. To improve employee well-being in the workplace, Michelin participates in activities and services that promote work-life balance. The Group’s social ambitions are of a very high standard and comply with the fundamental principles of Human Rights, as well as international conventions.


Michelin wants to offer everyone fair pay, adapted to their commitment to the Group’s performance, consistent with local conditions in the different countries. Michelin applies a non-discrimination and equal pay policy to equivalent positions and roles.

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