The goal? To show young people and the public the image of the industry, the jobs it offers today and in the future. This is a unique opportunity for the Group to highlight the talents and professions involved in setting up the factory of the future.

Industrial performance is an essential factor of competitiveness. The Extraordinary Factory exhibition at the Grand Palais provides a broad overview of the many professions of the future of industry.
Philippe Legrez, General Director of the Michelin Corporate Foundation.

A unique event


The Extraordinary Factory is an event of general interest that is completely free, completely new and unique in the world. An immersive experience at which the 40,500 visitors, a ¼ of which were school students, were able to discover the 13,000-m² exhibition on "the reality of today's factory. An innovative factory, connected to its region and useful to society. A factory that inspires and makes new generations want to see it”, said Bruno Grandjean, President of the Extraordinary Factory Foundation.


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Putting people at the heart of the industry


The “Manufacturing universe” highlighted the importance of machines. However, at Michelin, we wanted to show that humans remain at the center of operations and the performance levels of factories. We wanted to offer the opportunity, especially to young audiences, to discover our businesses and technologies. This is why our field teams attended: production operators, maintenance technicians and managers from our French factories in Cholet, Le Puy-en-Velay and Cataroux. Indeed, their professional lives are often far from how visitors imagined them to be before meeting them!




The journey began by learning about the diversity and richness of industrial professions, then management methods, the introduction of digital technologies for the benefit of mankind and, lastly, an immersive 3D experience. Virtual reality was indeed present: several booths had fully immersive helmets (such as HTC). But only the Michelin stand used this technology to help engineers to design machinery.



How Michelin promotes innovation and helps start-ups


We enabled visitors to discover how the Group shares its industrial expertise by supporting a large ecosystem of start-ups to help them move from the idea stage to product development and industrialization. Initiatives that go far beyond tires! The CARMAT artificial heart, hydrogen fuel cells, and Symbio for Sustainable Mobility, our Start2Prod powered by Michelin project leads to the mass production of innovative products in a wide variety of sectors such as health, mobility and the environment.



Sharing our "Vision" of the mobility of tomorrow


The Vision concept was a great success and challenged the public about Michelin's ambition for a circular economy and more sustainable mobility. An ambition that becomes reality through our 4R strategy: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Renew.



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The Extraordinary Factory Foundation

The Extraordinary Factory is a foundation which, under the aegis of FACE (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion), aims to re-establish the links between society and industry. The Michelin Corporate Foundation co-founded the Extraordinary Factory Foundation.


In figures

  • welcomed more than 40,500 visitors, a ¼ of which were students, and 13 ministers
  • 13,000 m² of floor area showing the richness and modernity of industry, under the nave of the Grand Palais.


Request a programme!

The event programme: immersive experiences, discussions with technicians, engineers, workshop leaders and students sharing their vision, behind the scenes discovery with production lines recreated on site, virtual reality live from manufacturing sites in the regions, new and exciting experiences with exhibitions of monumental machines... and exciting conferences in four subjects: Invent, Make, Connect and Share.


Virtual reality transported to the Grand Palais.

At Michelin, before launching the manufacturing process, our production systems designers review the design in virtual reality. They use this method to verify the conformity of the design plans, especially at the technical level. This enables them to identify possible problems in advance. An immersive 3D room has been created at Michelin to enable our experts (mechanics, automation specialists, ergonomists, users, maintenance technicians) to discuss the same subject by raising the technical barrier associated with the difficulty of understanding plans. They view their machine or factory thanks to virtual reality! These technologies allow specialists and experts to communicate, collaborate and share information about large projects effectively. Full-size 3D immersion enables our staff to improve their speed, quality, and efficiency.


Digital technology at the service of humanity


At Michelin, digital technology is firmly focused on helping people; all technological evolutions and revolutions give rise to new and more complex jobs and new and more specialized expertise requiring even more “people" taking part, i.e. more cooperation and teamwork to create effective industrial systems!

Digital technology fosters empowerment by providing relevant information that people need at the right time, facilitating decision-making and improving empowerment.



Focus on the different trades at our factories

Agent de production


"Each day, when I make a tire, I think about the satisfaction of future Michelin customers!"


What does it involve?

Our operators juggle with synthetic rubber, rubber blends, fabrics, metal products, molds and many other materials, without which we could not manufacture our tires.
Operating semi-automated and automated machines in an empowering environment helps people to develop and to contribute to the team's performance through commitment and professionalism.


Maintenance technician


"Thanks to my interest for the technique and the field, I make sure the production machinery in my factory is always operational".



What does it involve?

In an empowering environment, developing and contributing to the performance of the company through their technical skills and their ability to analyze and resolve incidents. How? By assisting in the start-up of new plant facilities, their maintainability and/or the reliability of manufacturing processes, by participating in optimizing the operation of the facilities and the work perimeter.



Production Manager


"In a human and technical environment, I manage my production team and support it in its professional development, with the aim of satisfying our customers".


What does it involve?

Leading and supporting production teams to enable them to achieve the goals together and to satisfy customers. Promoting the autonomy of people and teams in the management of performance and progress by applying Lean manufacturing tools.


Industrial organizer

"As a consultant and expert in change management, I help teams optimizing their processes"



What does it involve?

Helping production staff to progress by providing them with the necessary methodological expertise. Implementing Lean Manufacturing approaches in close collaboration with all managerial levels at the plant. Defining the steps and methods to be applied, deciding on whether or not to apply them and the feasibility of the proposed improvements: tools for improving performance, setting up workstations, flows, etc.

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