Movin’On wanted to understand the pandemic’s impact on young urban dwellers along with their desires and expectations. Since Michelin believes young people must be included in discussions about the challenges of the future, we didn’t think twice about partnering with the Movin’On-Kantar study, which constitutes a trend book.

Changing mobility habits and lifestyles

Urban dwellers aged 18–34 who experienced lockdowns or restricted mobility due to the pandemic now want to change their mobility habits and even their lifestyles.

Here are the 4 main trends highlighted by the study conducted in North America (New York, Seattle, Montréal) and Europe (Paris, Nantes, Madrid):

  • Generation Z is more pragmatic than idealistic. It doesn’t reject any means of transportation, including the car. It’s the first truly multimodal generation.
  • COVID has clearly hindered their mobility. But it has also accelerated certain trends such as chosen mobility, cycling, walking, and clean cars.
  • This generation wants to change things but doesn’t want to give up pleasure. 18-34-year-olds want to do everything within a 15-minute radius of their home. But they also want to discover the world in different ways.
  • Sustainable mobility is like climbing Everest: an incredible challenge that requires us to join forces.

Taking collective action to overcome the challenges of mobility

It’s also through young people’s vision that we’ll be able to overcome the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. Beyond observing trends, the study shows that young people expect a lot from public authorities, cities, and companies. The Group shares this vision since we also believe me must work together to accelerate change.
Erik Grab, Vice-President Strategic Anticipation and Innovation — Michelin

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