Zero emissions, preserving resources, transport efficiency, universal mobility, and multimodal mobility...

The Movin’On ecosystem brings together more than 250 public and private organizations working towards more sustainable mobility in five main areas. The Movin’On Summit is the can’t miss event for the sustainable mobility ecosystem. The exciting 2021 program is organized around five major debates.

  1. Combating climate change

  2. Creating a greener, more sustainable supply chain

  3. Transitioning towards a circular and regenerative economy

  4. Managing hyperconnectivity

  5. Making safe mobility a universal right

Many CEOs, experts, and internationally renowned speakers will participate in talks, panels, and a variety of collaborative working sessions.

A preview of the next Movin’On Summit program


A reinvented 4-day phygital experience, broadcast worldwide,

to inspire, connect, and engage mobility stakeholders in collective action.


Florent Menegaux, member of a panel that will discuss the fight against climate change


Florent Menegaux will participate in the following debate: What concrete actions must we undertake in the next 5 to 10 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for carbon neutrality? During this panel, Michelin’s CEO will present  our “All-sustainable” approach and ambitions for combating global warming: by 2050, Michelin aims to reach carbon neutrality in all our manufacturing sites, logistics operations, and raw material and component supply chains.

Motorsport and “WISAMO”: two illustrations of Michelin’s “All-sustainable” approach

During the 2021 Movin’On Summit, Michelin will showcase our environmental commitment and investment in new growth areas beyond tires via two new sustainable solutions: a tire with a very high percentage of sustainable materials (to be unveiled at the Michelin Conference) and a sail-powered solution for all types of ships, especially freighters! Michelin has set the following challenge for 2050: “All the materials in our tires will be 100% sustainable!” To achieve this target, the Group is using Motorsport as an innovation laboratory to accelerate R&D in extreme conditions of use and make our technological advances both sustainable and accessible to as many people as possible. And the “WISAMO” initiative illustrates Michelin’s commitment to more sustainable maritime transport.

Interested in attending the talks and panels or participating in the collaborative work sessions and major debates during the 2021 edition?

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