On May 11, 2021, Michelin presented our International Mobility Award to Tarmac Technologies* and SUN Mobility**, two mobility start-ups.

Michelin is a key partner of the Blue Ocean Awards, and the Mobility Award was presented by Lorraine Frega, Executive Vice President – Distribution, Services & Solutions, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships - Member of the Group Executive Committee. Inspired by the “Blue Ocean” strategy, the awards recognize companies that have developed innovative offerings in an unexplored market with no direct competition.


As a leader in the mobility sector, Michelin strives to keep improving the mobility experience of our customers in innovative and sustainable ways. Presenting the Michelin Mobility Award at the Blue Ocean Awards provides the Group with a great opportunity to connect with and honor French and international companies that are innovating in connected mobility services. This award reflects the Group’s open innovation approach and our determination to be a data-driven company and a major player in connected mobility.
Lorraine Frega, Executive Vice President – Distribution, Services & Solutions, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships - Member of the Group Executive Committee

The Michelin Group’s Open Innovation strategy

The Group leverages open ecosystems to boost innovation and expand the scope of application of our innovations. We do this primarily through our Incubator Program Office (IPO), which supports projects that could contribute to Michelin’s sustainable growth. In addition to our incubators, Michelin is also committed to a partnership approach, which, in some cases, can lead to the creation of start-ups, such as Safecube***.   Today, Michelin has over more than 300 research partnerships and works with a variety of players guided by the same passion for innovation: start-ups, small and large companies, research institutes, universities, suppliers, consortia, and so on.


Becoming a key player in connected mobility and a data-driven company

Connected mobility is an infinite source of digital innovation through the data it generates. Michelin has a two-fold objective in this area: become a key player in connected mobility for all and the world leader in smart solutions for the business market by 2030. The latest illustration of this ambition is our partnership with Arity, a company that specializes in mobility data, which we unveiled on May 6. This partnership will leverage the potential of data to promote safer mobility and transform road management in the United States. Michelin is convinced that data-driven companies will have a major impact. For the past six years, the Group has been undertaking a profound digital transformation and sees Data as a major opportunity to create value. In addition, our culture of excellence, high standards, and trust of our customers will be invaluable resources as we explore new ways of using data.

  • February 11 2021

Data: at the heart of Michelin’s strategy

*Operating in Europe and the United States, Tarmac Technologies connects airport industry players (airlines, airports, subcontractors and cargo-handling companies) with a unique, easy, 100% digital solution to track and optimize aircraft ground handling operations during stopovers, with a view to reducing flight delays. 

**SUN Mobility, operating in fourteen major cities in India, provides an energy infrastructure solution for electric fleets, consisting of Smart Batteries and Quick Interchange Stations, all connected together. The service is based on battery swapping technology that addresses key issues associated with electric mobility, such as costs, range, and recharging time, so to speed up access to electric mobility, in particular, in emerging countries.

 *** Safecube - a joint venture between Michelin, Sigfox and Argon Consulting, to optimize intercontinental logistics by monitoring container transport from end to end and in real time, including during maritime transfers.

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