This year, the Group hit a new milestone by announcing its latest strategic plan called Michelin In Motion. The new approach focuses on a constant quest to strike the best balance between growth and human fulfilment (PEOPLE), economic and financial performance (PROFIT), and making a positive contribution to the planet and humans (PLANET).


More transparency and local action

The new strategic “Michelin In Motion” plan also marks a fresh take on Michelin’s relationship with its individual shareholders that revolves around greater transparency and local action.

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The all-sustainable strategy presented by Yves Chapot

General Manager and CFO Yves Chapot presented Michelin's all-sustainable strategy at Investir Day.

Sustainable mobility primarily means electrifying vehicles across the board, especially passenger cars. We should note that only electric vehicles will be sold in Europe starting in 2035. Michelin sees electrification as an amazing opportunity and we're fond of saying that electric vehicle tires are Michelin tires. Above all, these tires must consume the least amount of electricity while supporting to heaviest of loads. We currently have a really strong position in the electric vehicle OE market: it's triple our market share for combustion engine vehicles.
Yves Chapot, General Manager and CFO of the Michelin Group

Michelin aspires to more than tires

Michelin In Motion also represents bold ambitions that go beyond tires. By 2030, 20%-30% of Group sales will either relate to or think outside tire activities. Watch the interview with Yves Chapot, General Manager and CFO, to see what he says about it:

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