In July 2019, Michelin partnered with the inaugural FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, the first 100% electric motorcycle race!

This new championship is a valuable innovation lab that will help us improve mobility by making it safer, more affordable, and more ecological.
Matthieu Bonardel, Director of Michelin Motorsport

Is this 100% electric race effective as a technology lab? After two seasons, the results are extremely positive. Michelin has already incorporated 40% sustainable materials in the MotoE’s rear tires and 33% in the front tires, all while improving lap times. This technological progress is a further demonstration of the “Fully Sustainable” ambitions in Michelin’s new strategic plan released on April 8. The goal is to use 100% sustainable materials in all our tires by 2050, with a Group-wide target of 40% by 2030.


Sustainable materials in tires !

What do our riders think?

Advances using carbon black recovered from used tires

Sustainable materials come from renewable biosourced materials (e.g., sustainable natural rubber, biosourced butadiene) or recycled materials (regenerated or reused materials such as end-of-life tires). Besides our materials expertise, Michelin also builds partnerships to develop innovative recycling technologies. This was the case for the MotoE tires: we increased our use of sustainable materials by integrating carbon black recovered from used tires, a unique process developed by Enviro, one of the Group’s partners.

Racing, an innovation lab that supports the Group’s sustainable ambitions

In addition to contributing to safer, more efficient mobility that is accessible to all, racing is an incredible Hi-Tech Lab for sustainable solutions that allows us to test innovations under the most extreme conditions. This was why Michelin first entered the FIA Formula E electric single-seater championship in 2013, then the MotoE in 2019. In June 2020, Michelin became a major partner in the Mission H24 project to accelerate “zero-emission” mobility by promoting the use of hydrogen in endurance racing. We shared this experience with our subsidiary Symbio, which intends to become a world leader in hydrogen mobility systems.

1 40% sustainable materials in the rear tire and 33% in the front tire

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