Michelin once again attended this key industry event for all global aeronautics players. Our commitment to a continuous quality improvement process means that the civil and military aviation markets can turn to us for cutting-edge technology.

A comprehensive offer combining safety and sustainable mobility

Michelin offers solutions for every segment of the aeronautics industry, from military to general, commercial and regional.


  • The MICHELIN® AIR bias tire, designed for military and general aviation needs, features a bias (diagonal) structure. These tires offer several benefits, such as longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and durability in extreme landing conditions, and they can also be retread up to seven times.


  • The MICHELIN® AIR X® has a radial structure and was created for regional and commercial aviation. The specific sidewall and belt design economize fuel use while the tread and enhanced resistance to cutting optimize landing. The Near Zero Growth (NZG) radial technology is coupled with hybrid aramid/nylon technology to reduce tire diameter growth. The tire keeps the same shape whether it is inflated or not to reduce tension.


  • The MICHELIN® PILOT®, developed for the general aviation market, is a bias tire for piston and turboprop aircraft, like those used on the Cirrus models. It has a specially designed casing that improves its longevity and resistance to wear.

A successful flight test for the first connected aircraft tire


The joint announcement by Michelin and Safran of the first successful flight-tests of PresSense technology was another highlight of the air show. Following successful ground tests in January 2019, the tires must be tested under real flight conditions before they can be put on the market, which is planned for 2020. This was accomplished on June 13 at the Istres airbase on a Falcon 2000EX from Dassault Aviation. New flight-tests on other types of aircraft will take place in late 2019 and early 2020.


This first connected tire is not only part of the Group’s co-innovation approach but its digital transformation strategy as well.

How the PresSense sensor works


PresSense is a wireless solution that works as an embedded system to facilitate ground maintenance. The electronic sensor gathers data on tire pressure and transfers them remotely. The measurements are saved and accessible via a web interface, ensuring optimal traceability. This innovation will make ground maintenance easier for airline companies. The connected sensor is linked to a database, which means that maintenance workers will no longer have to manually perform valve checks using a manometer.


Working with start-ups to support and drive innovative projects


Michelin has always taken a co-innovation approach by collaborating with start-ups. This year at Le Bourget Air Show, two start-ups were at our booth: Néovision, a big data expert, and AddUp, a 3D printing specialist.

These two start-ups combine their respective expertise with Michelin’s technological expertise to drive innovative aeronautics projects.

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