This is an integral part of our Purpose: “Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality.” It drives our corporate mission. Achieving long-lasting customer satisfaction and trust is the very essence of our corporate mission as it is the key to our continued existence and growth. 

Our pledge to satisfy our customers’ expectations and those of our stakeholders is stated in our Quality statements (Michelin Quality Policy publication addressed to our employees, our customers and our suppliers as well as all other interested parties).


This Quality Policy provides a framework for setting Quality objectives. It is expressed by means of:

  • A customer-centric organization
  • The Quality Approach and the Quality Management System (QMS), designed to guarantee the quality of products and services and the continuous improvement of our operating methods.


The bedrock of the Michelin Quality Management System (SMQ) is the strong sense of responsibility and the consummate skills of employees. It is organized around “Customer,” “Support” and “Steering” processes.


It includes the Michelin Quality Fundamentals, which are applied in order to:

  • Meet the expectations and/or needs of our customers
  • Meet the expectations and/or needs of our stakeholders/any interested parties
  • Comply with any applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Boost corporate performance


These practices are stated in the Michelin Quality Fundamentals document.

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