Innovation and differentiation

Innovation is one of the pillars of Michelin’s strategy. It allows us to bolster our leading position and efficiently meet users’ needs and expectations.

Objectives for 2020

  1. Improve the overall performance of our products by at least 10 percent compared with 2010, while using less raw materials in their production.
  2. Save 3 billion liters of fuel over the lifespan of our tires, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by more than 8 million tonnes compared with 2010.
  3. Contribute to the development of a circular economy by increasing the percentage of renewable or recycled materials in our tires to 30 percent.

Rate of progress

The energy performance of Passenger car, Light truck and Truck tires in 2019 should allow around 2.9 billion liters of fuel savings and a reduction of CO2 emission of around 7.3 million tons during their lifetime.



At the end of 2019, the average amount of renewable or recycled materials in our tires was estimated at 26 percent.

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