People: commitment, safety, customer satisfaction, local integration

Already one of the best companies in the world for safety in the workplace and employee commitment, Michelin wishes to move even further forward in these two fields and also become a benchmark for diversity and inclusion. For its clients, the group wants to be the best in the sector in terms of created value by guaranteeing everyone top-flight experience equal to its products and services. Firmly integrated in the regions where it has a presence, the Group acts as a responsible company that stands beside the communities with which it interacts.

Be world-class in employee engagement
Aiming for an engagement rate1 >85 % in 2030

80 % in 2019
82 % in 2020
80 %
in 2021



Be world-class in employee safety
Aiming for an accident rate2 <0,5 in 2030
1.43 in 2019
1.19 in 2020
in 2021



Be a reference in diversities and inclusion of teams

Aiming  for an IMDI3 of 80/100 in 2030

62 in 2020
in 2021



Be best-in-class in value created for customers

With a NPS4 +10 pts for partners in 2030

38 in 2019
40.5 in 2020
in 2021

1 Employee engagement rate as measured by the annual “Moving Forward Together: Your Voice for Action” survey 

2 Total Case Incident Rate: the number of accidents and cases of occupational illness recorded per 200,000 hours worked 

3 IMDI: Diversity and Inclusion Management Index 

4 Net Promoter Score: the net difference between a brand’s promoters and detractors

Profit: create value and generate sustainable growth

Michelin will rely on its capacity for innovation, its expertise, and its know-how in terms of the tire, and around and beyond this, in order to galvanize its growth. The power of the Michelin brand and the vitality of the offer, nurtured by a sustained pace of innovations, will contribute to the success of its ambitions.

Deliver sustained growth
Total sales: +5% average growth in 2030

24.1 €bn in 2019
20.5 €bn in 2020
23.8 €bn in 2021



Deliver continous financial value creation
Aim for a ROCE1 >10.5% in 2030
10% in 2019
6% in 2020
en 2021



Maintain MICHELIN brand power quotient

Aim for a brand vitality quotient of +5 pts vs 2021 in 2030

58 in 2020
68 in 2021



Maintain best-in-class innovation pace
in products and services

Aim for brand vitality index >30% in 2030

30% in 2019
29% in 2020
in 2021

1Return on Capital Employed 

Planet: carbon neutrality and renewable materials

Michelin acts both up- and downstream to combat global warming, preserve natural resources and protect biodiversity. This is why the Group wants to be a global benchmark for the environmental footprint of its industrial sites and improve the energy performance of its tires. Michelin is also committed to an ambitious circular economy approach.

Reach carbon neutrality by 2050 (manuf. and energy)
Aim for CO2 emissions (Scopes 1 et 2) 50% vs 2010 in 2030

24.8% in 2019
36.5% in 2020
in 2021



Contribute to reaching carbon neutrality (usage)
Aim for products energy efficiency (Scope 3) +10% vs 2020 in 2030
100 in 2020
in 2021



Best-in-class in environmental footprint of industrial sites

Reducing i-MEP1 by -1/3 vs 2020 in 2030

100 in 2020
in 2021



Reach full circularity of products by 2050

Aim for a sustainable material rate of 40% in 2030

26% in 2019
28% in 2020
in 2021

1Industrial - Michelin Environmental Performance. Indicateur pondéré s’appuyant sur la consommation d’énergie, les émissions de CO2, la consommation de solvants organiques, les prélèvements d’eau et la quantité de déchets générés.

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