More than 114,000 people from 120 different nationalities work for Michelin today.


Their professionalism and commitment are instrumental in driving the performance and development of a Group whose employee relationships are rooted in dialog and mutual respect.


This is achieved by giving employees their say, ensuring they work in a safe environment, providing varied career opportunities and promoting diversity.

2020 targets

  1. Attain and maintain an employee engagement rate measured by the annual “Moving Forward Together: Your Voice for Action” survey of 85 percent.
  2. Further improve safety performance and achieve a groupwide Total Case Incident Rate of less than 2.
  3. Ensure that 75 percent of all management positions are held by employees who come from within the Company, reflecting our ever‑increasing diversity.
  4. Increase the percentage of women in all management positions to 30 percent.
  5. Increase the percentage of local top managers in growth regions to 80 percent. 

Rate of progress

Employee engagement rate: 81 percent in 2019

Percentage of management positions held by employees promoted from within: 74 percent in 2019

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