Société Auxiliaire de Gestion (SAGES) is a Non-Managing General Partner of CGEM and, as such, is responsible for guaranteeing the Company’s management continuity. It has unlimited joint and several liability alongside the Managers for third party claims arising from the financial consequences of the Managers’ management. The General Partners can be relieved of this liability only by decision of the shareholders in an Extraordinary Meeting. The General Partners may be shareholders but may not take part in any votes to elect Supervisory Board members or appoint Statutory Auditors. As SAGES is not a Manager, it is not authorized to play any part in the Company’s management. However, if the position of CGEM’s Manager(s) were to fall vacant, SAGES would take on the role of the Manager(s) for an interim period and would be responsible for calling an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to elect a new Manager.


SAGES plays a key role, alongside the Supervisory Board and its Compensation and Appointments Committee, in the Managing Partner succession planning and compensation processes.


To enable SAGES to assume its liability as Non-Managing General Partner of CGEM, at least 80% of its distributable earnings (derived mainly from the share of profits paid by CGEM in accordance with CGEM’s Bylaws) is allocated to a contingency reserve fund set up purely for the purpose of covering any losses that may result from its liability as CGEM’s General Partner or, on an exceptional, interim basis, as Manager. Up to 30% of the reserve is invested in CGEM shares.

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