Launched in 2014, the Michelin Innovation Lab focuses on projects related to Michelin's strategic areas outside tires. Its role is to detect and support new in-house projects that are likely to contribute to the Group's growth in the medium to long term. The MIL looks for ideas from all areas of the company that can be quickly implemented with concrete objectives.

Ideas can also be submitted by employees through a dedicated platform, Michelin NewBiz.

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The Michelin Innovation Lab is there to :

  • Create value by exploring new business in three of our strategic areas: High-Tech Materials, Services & Solutions, and Experience.
  • Reveal the individual potential of Michelin employees by encouraging everyone to go for it.
  • Encourage exploration throughout the Company.


And encourage:

  • Failure
  • Different ways of thinking
  • Empathy
  • Unlimited curiosity

“From scratch to hatch”

is the motto of the Michelin Lab!



Ideas can come from anywhere. We encourage and stimulate ideation within Michelin as well as with our customers and partners.



The Lab takes ideas validated by an initial Jury of managers and then manages the Maturation phase, where desirability is tested, confirmed or rejected by the market and in consultation with our customers.



The incubator then takes ideas that have been explored by the Lab and confirmed by a jury, to the next phase (incubation). It focuses on economic viability and technical feasibility, ultimately leading to a new economic activity

Several results have already emerged from the Michelin Innovation Lab



Watèa by Michelin offers a host of integrated services: recommending suitable electric vehicles, travel analysis, identifying the best finance solutions, orchestrating vehicle deployment, proposing charging solutions, and a digital platform to help users and drivers manage their activity easily.


WISAMO is a Michelin’s solution aiming at contributing to decarbonizing maritime transport.

resine resicare


ResiCare, a special entity in the Michelin Group, develops and commercializes a high-performance resin adhesive for industrial applications. It is unique in that it is free from formaldehyde, isocyanate and resorcinol.


Thanks to Michelin Acorus technology, the wheel of the future developed in partnership with Maxion Wheels bends but does not break! With MICHELIN ACORUS Technology, in partnership with Maxion Wheels, Michelin is reinventing the wheel to help eliminate road-based damage to tires and rims.


fibre béton Aranea


AraNea Composite is a lightweight, attractive solution which reinforces the mechanical properties of concrete while reducing its carbon footprint. Initially developed for Nasa for use in lunar tires then adapted for Michelin’s Uptis airless tires for passenger cars, AraNea is now offering a wire which boasts outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical performance.  AraNea Composite was set up in 2018 in order to bring the best of Michelin technology to new markets.



Thanks to our expertise in vehicle dynamics, we can produce smart, predictive data. That means we can anticipate behaviors, breakdowns and situations to give businesses and drivers the keys to achieving safer roads.


AeroOne develops aerodynamic solutions for the trucking industry. Its goal is to boost the performance of existing options to improve fuel efficiency.

pneu chantier

The MICHELIN Tweel tire

This airless Michelin tire, developed at our U.S. sites, benefited from the IPO's support to explore new uses, such as equipping loaders and agricultural machines.



The IPO also works on mobility support services. In China, for example, our incubator helped develop WeCare, a smartphone application for full-vehicle maintenance.

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