Incubation at Michelin

At Michelin, incubation has a name: the Incubator Program Office (IPO). This program, launched in 2014, covers projects linked to three of our strategic fields (excluding tires): Services and Solutions, Mobility Experiences and High-tech Materials.


The IPO's role is to detect projects that could support the Group's future growth. We seek out ideas from all sources and organizations both inside and outside the company that could be implemented fast, with quantifiable objectives.


We push those ideas to their limits and test them on the market to ensure they are viable. Our goal is to build a portfolio of companies or projects incubated in one of our structures.

Several results have already emerged from the IPO



ResiCare, a special entity in the Michelin Group, develops and commercializes a high-performance resin adhesive for industrial applications. It is unique in that it is free from formaldehyde, isocyanate and resorcinol.



Thanks to Michelin Acorus technology, the wheel of the future developed in partnership with Maxion Wheels bends but does not break! With MICHELIN ACORUS Technology, in partnership with Maxion Wheels, Michelin is reinventing the wheel to help eliminate road-based damage to tires and rims.





AraNea Composite is a lightweight, attractive solution which reinforces the mechanical properties of concrete while reducing its carbon footprint. Initially developed for Nasa for use in lunar tires then adapted for Michelin’s Uptis airless tires for passenger cars, AraNea is now offering a wire which boasts outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical performance.  AraNea Composite was set up in 2018 in order to bring the best of Michelin technology to new markets.


Thanks to our expertise in vehicle dynamics, we can produce smart, predictive data. That means we can anticipate behaviors, breakdowns and situations to give businesses and drivers the keys to achieving safer roads.






AeroOne develops aerodynamic solutions for the trucking industry. Its goal is to boost the performance of existing options to improve fuel efficiency.




Symbio FCell



As part of its efforts to cut carbon emissions, the Group has invested in Symbio FCell, a startup that produces fuel cells. Symbio FCell currently benefits from the cutting-edge logistics of our research structures to accelerate its product development.




The MICHELIN Tweel tire



This airless Michelin tire, developed at our U.S. sites, benefited from the IPO's support to explore new uses, such as equipping loaders and agricultural machines.







The IPO also works on mobility support services. In China, for example, our incubator helped develop WeCare, a smartphone application for full-vehicle maintenance.

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