From left to right: Marie-France AMIC, Bernard PROST-BOUCLE, Michel FERNET, Dominique SERIN, Stéphane LEGRAND, Jean-François CHARVET, Jean-François TICHIT, Christian COUVRAT (Absent : Pascale DEVERAUX)

The Shareholder Consultative Committee was set up in 2003 with the aim of forging closer ties between Michelin and its individual shareholders. The Committee is invited to working meetings twice a year.

With the presence of Mr. Marc Henry, Chief Financial Director of the Group and member of the Executive Committee of the Group, this Committee is managed by the Financial Communication team.In parallel with these workshops, the Committee participates in Michelin site visits, enabling him to meet operational teams and strengthen its knowledge of the Group.


The Committee comprises nine of Michelin Individual Shareholders, coming from different regions of France and with very different professional backgrounds. It has several missions, including contributing actively through its reflections, to the evolution of the communication with individual shareholders. The improvement suggestions are studied and regularly implemented by the Michelin Group.


Here is an overview of topics recently discussed within the Shareholders Consultative Committee:

  • The creation of a digital shareholder letter in addition to and / or replacement of the paper letter
  • The recommendations for future financial communication actions with the aim of developing individual shareholders
  • The redesign of the Michelin website
  • The meeting points with the Committee
  • The opportunity of Michelin's presence on social networks

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