1 - Our innovation - driven strategy

By investing in Michelin, you'll support a strategic vision built on innovation, a strong brand, continuous improvement in our competitiveness and major capital spending programs to drive future growth. It's also about moving forward together and sharing our responsible sustainable development ambitions for 2020.
Jean-Dominique Senard, Chief Executive Officer (2012-2019)

2 - Our responsible, sustainable governance

By investing in Michelin, you'll take a stake in a company that has clearly separated management and oversight responsibilities. That means having a Supervisory Board that exercises permanent oversight of corporate management and assesses its quality on your behalf, then reports back to you at each Annual Meeting.
Michel Rollier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

3 - Our solid balance sheet

By investing in Michelin, you'll move forward with a company whose robust business model delivers the financial results that generate structurally high free cash flow and create shareholder value. What's more, we're a company that takes special care to ensure that shareholders have transparent access to all the clear, comprehensive information they expect and deserve.
Marc Henry, Chief Financial Officer
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    170 countries with a Michelin marketing presence

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    ~190 milliontires manufactured

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    €22.03 billion 2018 sales

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    €2,8 billionSegment Operationnal Income

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    ~7,400dealships ans service centers

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