Through its "Michelin in Motion" strategic plan and its "All Sustainable" ambitions for 2030, Michelin has set an ambitious growth course for the next ten years: in tires, around tires and beyond tires.

Illustration of the tire growth strategy

Growing in tires

Three quarters of all tires are sold in replacement markets. Demand is being driven by growth in the world’s population, which is projected to rise by 9% through 20301, economic development, and the mobility of people and goods, with kilometers traveled expected to increase by one third from 2020 until 20302.

1 Source: the United Nations, from 7.8 billion to 8.5 billion people.
2Source: IHS Markit, more than 21 billion kilometers for cars alone.

The technological leader in tires, tracks and conveyor belts, the Michelin Group works closely with manufacturers to bring innovations to every market.

As the world's leading brand of premium tires for consumers and professionals, and the world leader in sustainable tires, connected tires and radial tires for farm equipment, earthmovers and aircraft, Michelin is also the global leader in off-road mobility solutions.


• To offer long-term performance products that are increasingly well adapted to the different expectations and conditions of use of their users

• Contribute to the development of sustainable mobility

• Increase our market share in high value added growth segments where our technologies make a difference

• Operate competitive, flexible, right-sized production facilities in every geography and currency zone

• Deliver quality service to retail customers and expand the services base for business customers

• The strength of the MICHELIN brand

• Innovation: Michelin's materials science has led to major technological breakthroughs

• Committed teams

• A perfect knowledge of customers' uses, needs and constraints

• Developments in these segments are favorable to technologically advanced tires (high performance tires limiting CO2 emissions)

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• Tires for agriculture, construction, mining, aircraft… These specialty businesses face complex challenges, making tires a critical component of their productivity.

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