The MICHELIN brand is the best expression of our raison d'être: to offer everyone a better way forward. She embodies the Group's strengths with our customers and partners around the world. It carries our values and commitments. It is a promise that defines and engages us.
Adeline Challon-Kemoun, Senior Vice President, Brands, Communication & Public Affairs, Member of the Group's Executive Committee

Development and evolution of the brand


The British firm Brand Finance has estimated the value of the Michelin Group at $7.9 billion (1). This value is determined on the basis of several dimensions, such as investment, image perceived by consumers, company employees and stakeholders.

(1) Brand Finance 2023 study:


Since its creation, the MICHELIN brand has constantly innovated in terms of communication: the Michelin Man, voted "best logo of all time" by the Financial Times in 2000, its unique advertising, the launch of physical and digital maps and guides (to facilitate its customers' mobility)... Today, Michelin is a household name.

Development and evolution of the brand


The brand's development is based on a number of fundamental pillars, including innovation, which has been present right from the start.


It has evolved from the first bicycle tires to the present day, where it develops highly advanced models and invests in high-tech materials, thus expanding its business beyond tires.


In particular, the Michelin brand's power maintenance indicator has improved by more than 5 points compared to 2021.

Powerful worldwide reputation


The quality of the brand combined with an unrivalled marketing strategy has made the Michelin story a success.


Another of the brand's image achievements can be found in the Michelin Guide. This compilation, created in 1900, contains relevant information on hotels and restaurants. The guide was quickly developed and exported around the world. Michelin quickly became an international, world-renowned brand (the Michelin factory was set up in Turin in 1906, in the United States in 1907, and in London in 1911).


Michelin has forged an exceptional reputation by associating its image with the highest standards of quality.

Competition, the extreme laboratory for boosting brand awareness


An integral part of Michelin's philosophy from day one, competition is the ultimate laboratory for testing tomorrow's solutions with its partners on circuits and terrains around the world.


Michelin makes every effort to be present in competitions that make sense for tomorrow's mobility. The Group accompanies its partners to victory by demonstrating the extraordinary quality and performance of its products. With their success, these products can then be used to develop innovative technologies for the benefit of the general public.


These commitments are made in national and international events, both professional and amateur. They aim to strengthen the Michelin brand's reputation in mature countries and to promote it in new markets. For Michelin, competition is also a better way to move forward.

Michelin marque mondiale
Michelin: A powerful global brand

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