Six transformation drivers

« We are



to strengthen our competitive
advantages and  fulfill

our vision. »

Florent Menegaux

« We are leading 6 tranformations to strengthen our competitive advantages and

and fulfill our vision. »

Florent Menegaux

I am Michelin

  • Empowerment, which is practiced across the Group, unleashes the spirit of initiative, stimulates innovation, and nurtures collective intelligence.
  • Michelin is broadening the diversity of its teams and encouraging everyone to enhance their skills. It is identifying the talents and jobs that will enable it to make a difference and drive faster growth.
50% of the workforce is under 40
7,000 people hired every year

Michelin is regularly voted as one of the best places to work*

In 2021 : in China, Spain, France and Romania

*Ranked in the top three by benchmark studies in each country.

In action

Putting the ICARE leadership model into practice*
To make every employee feel like a leader, Michelin North America employees launched the ICARE Leadership Network, whose on-site ambassadors have organized events over the past 18 months creating more 100,000 opportunities for interactions.

*Inspiring. Create trust. Awareness. Results. Empowerment.

Customer focus

To deliver a customer experience that reflects the quality of its products and services, Michelin strives to foster:

  • a seamless customer relationship, from purchase to after-sales service;
  • in-depth understanding of each customer’s priorities and needs;
  • a trusted brand, MICHELIN, which is renowned for its innovation capabilities and its commitment to sustainable development.

In action

The right solutions at the right time
Michelin’s new loyalty program in China can now proactively meet emerging customer expectations thanks to upgrades to the Group's customer relationship management (CRM) process and improved data structuring.

Agile Michelin

To improve its agility and competitiveness, Michelin is:

  • streamlining and standardizing product design and production processes with the Simplexity program;
  • simplifying corporate and administrative operations with the Simply program;
  • building a supply chain that is more efficient, shorter and more sustainable.

In action

Putting collective intelligence to work
More than 3,000 people helped to identify overly complex situations in the corporate and administrative activities. Front-line operators and union representatives worked together to develop solutions to simplify these situations, as part of a successful process applicable to a wide range of issues.

Innovation acceleration

Michelin has defined three pathways to becoming as innovative in markets around and beyond tires as it is with tires:

  • Applying its expertise and harnessing its innovations in non-tire segments.
  • Broadening its networks and deploying new organizations, methods and digital resources.
  • Embedding materials and connected services deep in its future advances, while maintaining its leadership in tires.
> 300 research partnerships

In action

Movin'On, the global innovation ecosystem for sustainable mobility
Created at Michelin’s initiative, Movin’On brings together more than 300 organizations and companies across 60 countries. In 2021, its governance body was expanded to the chief executive officers of twelve leading multinationals. The new structure will facilitate innovation and experimentation in the ecosystem’s communities of interest.

Capturing and mining data

Michelin wants to do things better and faster by digitalizing:

  • its products and services, to optimize their performance and develop increasingly personalized solutions;
  • its customer relationships, to streamline interactions and monetize collected data;
  • its business processes, to maximize the operating performance of its research and development, production operations and corporate support functions.

In action

Equipping Michelin plants with data lakes*
More than 5,000 data lake applications have been locally developed for use in Michelin production facilities, based on the same, highly acclaimed solution. Condition-based maintenance is now widely deployed, with 60% of the production cells.

*Data lakes are continuously replenished with raw data that can be retrieved in a variety of formats for analysis.

All in action for the environment

All in action for the environ- ment

The Group has set six ambitious objectives for 2030:

  • Carbon neutrality: cut carbon emissions from its manufacturing operations and energy use by 50% compared to 2010 and become carbon neutral by 2050*.
  • Circular economy: ensure that 40% of the materials used in its tires are sustainable by 2030 and 100% by 2050.
  • Water: reduce its withdrawals by 33% compared to 2019.
  • Biodiversity: protect biodiversity across the value chain.

*Scope 1 and 2

4 billions recycled plastic bottles could be reused in Michelin tires

In action

Lifecycle assessments and eco-design
Lifecycle assessments (LCAs) are now being used to guide design choices from raw materials to recycling solutions. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew: Michelin uses only what it needs and actively embraces the circular economy. Already applied to products in current production, LCAs are beginning to be used to assess service solutions.

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