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Expanding with tires

The technological leader in tires and tracks, and the world's leading brand of premium tires for individual and business customers, the Michelin Group works closely with manufacturers to bring innovations to every market.


  • Consolidate our market share in high value-added growth segments where our technologies make a difference.

  • Produce as close to customers as possible with competitive, flexible, right-sized Industry 4.0 factories.

  • Provide excellent service to customers by leveraging synergies between online sales and the dealership networks.

  • Broaden the portfolio of services for business customers.


  • Offer products that deliver long-lasting performance, and which are increasingly aligned with end-user expectations and conditions of use.

  • Help to drive the development of sustainable mobility.

The world leader

of sustainable tires, connected tires,

radial tires for farm machinery, earthmovers and aircraft,

off-the-road solutions.

sustainable tires, connected tires, radial tires for farm machinery, earthmovers and aircraft, off-the-road solutions.

An unrivaled brand portfolio

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Proprietary and franchised dealership networks

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Targeted segments


  • Fast growing segments, such as 18-inch and larger, all-season, Super Sport, specialty and EV tires.

  • Motorists sensitive to the premium features of MICHELIN products.

  • OEMs fitting MICHELIN brand tires as original equipment.

margin target
2023 > 12%

Progress made in 2021

MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tire: safer, more economical and longer-lasting in every season
Available from launch in 105 sizes, Michelin’s new all-season tire enables drivers to use the same tires all year round, enjoying the same high performance whatever the weather.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire: the first production tire purpose-engineered for electric sports cars
Packed with technologies, the Pilot Sport EV extends range by up to 60 kilometers, while reducing road noise by 20% thanks to MICHELIN Acoustic™ technology.

Expanding our online retail capabilities
The Group now owns all outstanding shares of Allopneus, France's leading online retailer of tires and tire fitting services, offered in 6,000 partner centers.

46% is the percentage of sustainable materials used in making the tires fitted on the H24 hydrogen-powered prototype during the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

+ 50%: tires from premium tire makers release up to 50% more wear particles than MICHELIN tires, according to a December 2021 ADAC study.

Road transportation

Targeted segments


  • Premium OEMs, most of whose customers remain loyal to the MICHELIN brand.

  • Trucking companies and fleet managers with demanding standards of efficiency and sustainability.

  • Last-mile delivery and shared mobility fleets.

margin target
2023 > 10%

Progress made in 2021

MICHELIN X® MULTI™ GRIP tire: safer in winter
This tire demonstrates excellent road handling on snowy, icy and wet roads. Like all Michelin truck tires, it can be regrooved and retreaded twice, a feature that lowers its cost per kilometer by around 40% and saves 70% of the natural resources used to make a new tire.

Partnership with Sennder, a leading digital freight forwarder
The 12,500 trucks affiliated with the Sennder platform, which cuts out empty miles by connecting shippers and carriers, now have access to Group products and solutions on preferential terms.

MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tire: the first tire engineered for electric buses
The new tire has all the qualities needed to support the electrification of city buses, including low rolling resistance for increased range, higher load capacity to bear the heavy batteries, greater longevity and guaranteed safety.

A puncture-proof and robust solution for last-mile electric delivery trikes
MICHELIN X Tweel is entering the fast-growing last-mile delivery market. Presented on a Coaster electric cargo trike, this airless wheel and tire combination ensures maximum uptime for delivery personnel, completely maintenance-free.


Targeted segments


  • Mining, agricultural, construction and aircraft tires: operators demanding high productivity, machinery uptime, safety and durability.

  • Two-wheel tires: everyday users and demanding enthusiasts and racers.

margin target
2023 > 17%

Progress made in 2021

Recycling mining tires
Michelin is building its first tire recycling plant with Enviro in Chile’s Antofagasta mining region. Enviro’s technology recovers everything from an end-of-life tire in the form of new, high-quality materials. The plant will eventually be able to recycle 30,000 tonnes of tires collected directly from customer premises a year.

Protecting soil across the crop cycle
With the new MICHELIN AgriBib Row Crop and MICHELIN Trailxbib tires, farm machines used in every phase of the crop cycle can be fitted with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology and operate at very low tire pressures. This helps to prevent soil compaction, which in turn improves crop yield and increases productivity.

A double first for port operators
The first tire specifically designed for automated guided vehicles, the MICHELIN X AGVEV is the first port tire to be EV marked, attesting that its low rolling resistance helps to improve energy efficiency and increase battery life.

Contactless, efficient, safe maintenance
During the health crisis, Solideal On-Site Service, Camso’s on-site maintenance service, introduced a contactless on-site forklift tire replacement solution. Present in 17 countries, SOS replaced a tire every 57 seconds in 2021.

Michelin partners with Hope Aero to serve Flair Airlines
Together, Michelin and Hope Aero will provide Canada-based Flair Airlines with a tire, wheel and brake maintenance service package based on MICHELIN Air X NZG tires, which deliver unmatched robustness, durability and fuel efficiency.

MICHELIN Wild Enduro Racing Line:
a winning MTB tire

The new line has already proven its worth with wins in some of the world's most challenging races.

Michelin remains the official sole tire supplier in the premier class of motorcycle Grand Prix racing until at least 2026.

of the world’s commercial aircraft are equipped with Michelin tires.

The success of the MICHELIN City Grip 2 tire has consolidated Michelin’s leadership of the European scooter tire market.

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