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Expanding around tires

As the market leader in connected tires and a major partner in digital fleet management, the Michelin Group offers its corporate customers services that improve their performance, simplify their maintenance, increase asset uptime, enhance their safety performance, reduce their costs and attenuate their environmental impact.


  • Tire as a service: Increase pay-per-use tire sales and purpose-designed, tire-related services.

  • Fleet management: Optimize fleet operations and ease the transition to electrification with data analytics.

  • Digital service platform: Facilitate fleet access to a wide selection of reliable service providers.

  • IoT* & Data: Leverage, in new segments, our collected mobility data and our expertise in connected mobility.


  • Offer high value-added services based on a deep understanding of usage practices and data analytics.

  • Support the transition to zero-emission fleets.

  • Capture opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things.

  • Expand our customer base and geographic footprint.

*The Internet of things

The world’s 8th largest operator

1,1 million de vehicles under contract

An expanding global market

Average growth in fleet management services

+15% / year from 2020 to 2030

Solutions tailored to each customer

Incubateur DDI

Targeted segments


    • Managers and operators of truck, bus and coach fleets.

    • Managers and operators of corporate and commercial vehicle fleets, particularly in built-up environments.

    • Users of connected mobility data.


MICHELIN Connected Fleet

Progress made in 2021

MICHELIN Connected Fleet: an umbrella brand for fleet management solutions
MICHELIN Connected Fleet serves 70,000 customers in 48 countries. The onboard systems installed in its 600,000 managed vehicles collect data from 300 million trips a year, which our experts analyze to offer effective, custom-tailored action plans.

MoveElectric is optimizing the transition
By analyzing real-world data from vehicles in service, MoveElectric enables corporate fleet managers to assess the efficiency, emissions and profitability benefits of moving to EVs and then optimize the actual transition.

Watèa: an all-in-one electric mobility solution for light truck fleets
To facilitate the transition, Watèa offers an all-inclusive monthly subscription covering a fleet of EVs, the installation of on-site recharging stations, access to a public grid, an application to monitor remaining range and services to optimize fleet use.

Michelin partners with Arity to make US roads safer
Insights from combining Arity’s database of driving data, collected from more than 100 million consumer connections, with Michelin DDI’s driving behavior data analytics will enable departments of transportation to prioritize capital projects to improve road infrastructure.

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