A complex product that must, in order to perform its functions, deliver multiple, often conflicting performances, including safety, mileage, fuel economy and driving pleasure. Every day, the tyre is also subjected to particular stress. It must withstand up to 300 times its weight and temperatures that can range from -50 to +80°C.


The hard life of a tire

Over 200 different raw materials go into making a tire:

  • Elastomers (natural and synthetic rubbers)
  • Reinforcing fillers (carbon black and silica)
  • Plastifiers (resins, oils)
  • Chemical elements (sulfur)
  • Metallic reinforcements (cables, bead wire)
  • Textile reinforcements (rayon, aramide, nylon, polyester, etc.)


Their sophisticated architecture is the result of a long, complex, and painstaking manufacturing process.

Tires for all vehicles

Cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment.... No matter what you do or what vehicles you use on or off the job, Michelin has tires that meets your needs.

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