It helps our customers reduce their natural resource consumption and CO2 emissions, in line with our commitment to the climate.


Rather than charging customers for tires, why not manage their tires and charge them this service? We now offer that option.


Kilometers driven, number of landings for airlines, tonnes transported by mining sector customers... Michelin has full solutions available for professionals in any industry. Selection, mounting, maintenance, assistance, regrooving, end-of-life recycling: The Group can do it all for customers.

Increasing life spans

When they outsource tire management, our customers can significantly reduce their CO2 emissions while keeping their vehicles in use longer.


We achieve those results by using embedded pressure monitoring systems to optimize preventive maintenance and reduce downtime.


We are also installing tire pumps along highways and developing specialist service centers and networks, mobile shops and maintenance service centers on Michelin sites.

  • Key figures

    Michelin currently manages the tires on over 300,000 trucks and utility vehicles in 24 countries around the world.

Michelin currently manages the tires on more than 300,000 trucks and utility vehicles in 24 countries.


Our service offers and solutions, designed to meet the needs of car or truck fleet managers, help our customers use fewer natural resources and cut their CO2 emissions in line with our commitment to the climate.

The digital revolution

From products to services and from services to solutions and experiences: The digital revolution, connected vehicles and Big Data all represent opportunities to expand and complete our offer of services and solutions and to generate value.


We seize these opportunities by developing new activities like with Sascar, Brazil's leading provider of digital solutions for professional fleets, which joined the Group in 2014. Another example is NexTraq, a major provider of digital services for small- and mid-sized fleets in the U.S., which was acquired in 2017.

A local presence

Michelin strives to stay close to all its customers, so it sells and maintains tires and collects data right where it operates. That means customers can optimize their fleet management, boost their profits and reduce their carbon footprint. 


Our services offer a response to several challenges, including:


  1. Optimized tire and semi-trailer management: EFFITIRES™, Michelin Tire Care and EFFITRAILER™
  2. Improvements to customer activities: MyBestRoute to optimize fuel consumption by choosing the best route, MyInspection for methodical vehicle inspections, MyTraining to facilitate driver training and promote eco-friendly driving.
  3. Employee motivation, like with MyRoadChallenge, which rewards drivers for applying best practices.

Michelin Services and Solutions is now:

  • Key figures

    860,000 vehicles managed

  • Key figures

    73,560 customers

  • Key figures

    1,156 employees


  • MICHELIN Oncall, a network of 3,000 professionals across Europe to provide assistance as fast as possible.
  • MICHELIN Service Pro, with certified service providers to support you anytime.
  • MICHELIN RoadConnect, the innovative free application created by drivers, for drivers.
  • MICHELIN Tire Care, a resource designed to facilitate on-site tire management thanks to integrated digital diagnostic tools.



  • NexTraq, a major U.S. provider of digital solutions for small- and mid-sized fleets, with close to 6,500 fleet management customers and 115,000 individual customers. 
  • With its acquisition of PTG and Téléflow, Michelin is now the world's leading provider of tire pressure control systems. The MICHELIN ZEN@TERRA solution is the first result of this partnership. find out more World Leader on Remote Inflation
  • Sascar, Brazil’s top digital fleet management and freight security company, with 66,000 customers and 226,000 vehicles managed.
  • DDI for Driving Data to Intelligence, using advanced analysis of driver behavior and vehicle use data: fleet safety programs, predictive vehicle maintenance services, road infrastructure diagnostics and more.
"Our process is always customer-centric, from the origin of an idea to its implementation and the ways it changes over time. We are always listening to our customers."
Ralph Dimenna, Director of the Services and Solutions Business Line

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