Nearly three-quarters of all tires sold worldwide are replacements for used tires, so facilitating access to the replacement market with a robust distribution network is key for Michelin.


Given that imperative, Michelin's distribution has three key objectives:

  • Work closely with competitive distribution networks on their markets to provide the right response to consumers' needs.
  • Promote our expertise in distribution and proactively contribute to developing our distributor customers' businesses.
  • Enhance the Group's focus on customer service by providing operational insight from the field.


Michelin now has an extensive distribution network, including:

  • In Europe:
    • The Euromaster network of tire specialists, with 2,300 sales locations in 17 countries.
    • The Ihle Meyer-Lissendorf and Nex wholesale networks.
  • In the U.S.:
    • The wholesaler National Tire Wholesale. NTW is a joint-venture founded by TCI and TBC's wholesale business. NTW is one of the region's top three wholesalers, and it operates under brands including Big O, Tire Kingdom and Mitas.
  • In Asia, particularly China, as well as Africa, the Middle East and Russia, we work with the Tyre Plus franchise, which has more than 500 sales locations.
  • When it comes to e-commerce, we have privileged relationships with two of the market leaders: Black Circles and Allopneus.


Our network currently counts 6,500 sales locations. It includes a wide range of business models:

  • Integrated models such as Euromaster, BlackCircles, Ihle Meyer-Lissendorf and PopGom.
  • Franchise models such as Tyre Plus, Euromaster and Michelin Commercial Service Network for the U.S. trucking market.
  • Joint-ventures such as Nex and TBC.
  • Minority-stake holdings.

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