MICHELIN Connected Technologies is a set of tire technologies developed by Michelin, which communicate information about the tire (pressure, wear, temperature, etc.) to private and professional customers to improve their safety and mobility experience, but also to reduce the environmental impact. By improving safety, optimizing operations through increased productivity and better cost control, and helping to preserve the environment, MICHELIN Connected Technologies reflects Michelin's "all-sustainable" ambitions, based on the search for a balance between human, economic and environmental issues.

Discover MICHELIN Connected Technologies in 2 minutes

MICHELIN Connected Technologies, this is :


Sensors integrated into the tire that communicate key data
from the tire to the vehicle in real time


Algorithms that analyse the data from the tire and the vehicle 


Interfaces to return information to users
and optimise the potential of the tire



MICHELIN Connected Technologies, a range of technologies for everyone

In addition to private customers, it is mainly our professional customers (hauliers, farmers, mines, quarries, etc.) who benefit from MICHELIN Connected Technologies, which will be progressively enriched with new functionalities, such as tyre load and tread wear levels.


Examples of applications of MICHELIN Connected Technologies

MICHELIN Connected Technologies
and MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S tire

Some MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S tires are the first connected tires thanks to MICHELIN Connected Technologies and are already sold as original equipment, firstly in the USA and the UK.


In addition to improving vehicle performance or enhancing passenger safety, tires will be able to communicate accurate information. Suspension settings, size changes during tire rotations or battery life estimates for electric vehicles can be therefore anticipated and optimised.

MICHELIN Connected Technologies
and mining tires

Today, with MEMS4, it is possible to monitor tire pressure and temperature remotely and in real time, thus ensuring greater safety for operators. MEMS4 also reduces vehicle downtime and optimises tire use.

Thanks to this solution, tires last longer and the environmental footprint is reduced.

MICHELIN Connected Technologies
and truck tires

By measuring tire pressure in real time, MICHELIN Connected Technologies enables fleet managers to anticipate pressure losses before they become critical, thereby ensuring greater safety and continuity of operations. Thanks to optimised inflation pressure, MICHELIN Connected Technologies also contributes to more sustainable mobility by optimising fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing tire longevity.

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