A broad approach to mobility

They soon brought that experience to Michelin customers. The earliest result of their intuition was the original Michelin guide, published in 1900 to help the first drivers and truckers find places to sleep, eat, fuel up, and buy Michelin tires.


As time went on, Michelin's mobility services expanded.

1908: The itineraries office opened in Paris (the ancestor of the ViaMichelin website).

1910: The first 1:200,000 road maps (Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding region, the French Riviera, and Paris).

1912: Road numbering.

1926: The first guidebook (Brittany).


Nearly 120 years later, we continue to keep alive that heritage of a broad approach to mobility and the promise of a trip marked by culinary and cultural discoveries for our customers. We do that with our road maps, guides, online services, restaurant and travel apps, and more.


We now also offer those services via on-board electronics in certain vehicles. That means drivers can access Michelin's traffic data and tourist and dining information right from their vehicles.


We continue to expand our service offer, particularly online, to further enhance our customers' mobility experiences.


To that end, the Group is developing more ways to detect new ideas inside and outside the company and is exploring new connected mobility services in Europe, the U.S., China and Africa.


Thanks to that approach, Michelin has been able to identify and support several projects through its incubator: 

  • The website Revisersavoiture.com, which connects drivers to maintenance networks.
  • eDaiBo.com, a Chinese app and online ride and maintenance service, available in most of the country's major airports.
  • WOOM, a mobile app that is reinventing word-of-mouth by offering users local leisure activities suggested by the community.


As a part of that approach, in 2017 we also purchased a stake in Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the world's leading wine tasting and rating specialist, as well as the Fooding Guide, which has been discovering outstanding new restaurants and trendy bars for nearly two decades.


The partnerships between these recognized players and the Michelin Guide will enhance each partner's offers, to bring all their customers richer, more diverse and higher-quality offers and services, no matter where they are.


The same spirit lay behind our acquisition of BookaTable in the U.K. and Restaurantes.com in Spain, which help users find and book the best restaurants, and the development of our ViaMichelin solutions.

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