Improving road safety for everyone

Michelin plays a key role in road safety by conducting a wide variety of initiatives worldwide. The Group is keen to reinforce its action in a bid to save more and more lives.

The challenge of making our roads safe

Every year, 1.2 million people are killed and another 50 million injured in traffic accidents, which are the leading cause of mortality among young people. Governments, international organizations and businesses must step up their efforts to make roads safer for everyone, and run awareness-raising and training schemes for all road users.

Working hand-in-hand with government

Michelin raises government and public awareness of road safety best practices wherever it operates.

From 2009 to 2012, with the European Commission's support, it led the ROSYPE road safety educational program, which reached over 1.1 million young people in Europe.

Awareness-building campaigns

Michelin committed to the European Road Safety Charter in 2004 and is helping to improve road safety by conducting road safety awareness-building and training campaigns for road users. To date, Michelin has focused its efforts on 15 European countries, as well as in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. After India, the Group ran schemes for young people and newly-licensed drivers in the United States and Brazil in 2014, before shifting its focus to China in 2015.

The Group is involved either directly or in collaboration with international bodies.

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Action for Road Safety

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