Six ambitions to move the Company forward

Defined in 2013 and deployed across the Group, the six ambitions for 2020 are designed to make Michelin a global leader in sustainable mobility, as well as one of the world’s most innovative, responsible and top-performing companies in fulfilling its financial, environmental and social responsibility commitments.

Logo of the Michelin Ambitions for 2020 program

A commitment at the core of Group strategy

These ambitions are deployed across the Group, at all levels, in all sectors and in all countries, with fixed, measured objectives. They guide decisions and inspire practical initiatives. Each ambition focuses on measurable performance aligned with the Group's operational strategy. 

Integrated into every project and cascaded to all our teams, these Ambitions for 2020 express Michelin's commitment to building growth over the long term and helping to address societal challenges by putting our values of respect into practice.

We want to be a company that is successful in all its businesses, one that is responsible and attractive to talent from around the world.

Jean-Dominique Senard, Managing Chairman

Product performance

  • Objective: improve the overall performance of our products by at least 10% compared with 2010, while using fewer raw materials. 
  • Objective: 3 billion liters of fuel saved over the lifespan of our tires and 8 million tons of CO2 avoided thanks to product improvements, compared with 2010.

Set the industry standard for responsible manufacturing

  • Reduce by 40% the environmental impact of our sites, as measured by the Michelin sites Environmental Footprint (MEF), notably by improving our energy efficiency by 25% in relation to 2010.
  • Develop a responsible supply chain and reduce its CO2 emissions by 10%.
  • Assess the sustainable development performance of our top 400 suppliers and provide encouragement and support so that 70% of them reach the "advanced" level of Michelin standards.

Secure our financial performance

  • Deliver €1 billion in structural free cash flow per year as from 2020.
  • Achieve at least a 15% return on capital employed (ROCE) as from 2020.

Work together to continuously improve employee well-being and personal growth

  • Further improve safety performance and achieve a Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) of less than 2 for the entire Group.
  • Achieve and maintain an 85% employee engagement rate for the Group.
  • Ensure that 75% of all management positions are held by employees who come from within the Company.
  • Increase the percentage of women in all management positions to 30%.
  • Increase the percentage of local top managers in growth regions to 80%.

Communautés locales : renforcer les liens

  • Deploy a community involvement program in every plant in line with the 2013 guidelines.
  • Encourage employee involvement in initiatives that support the local community by donating 30,000 working days per year.
  • Contribute to local employability through Michelin Development, with the creation of 2,000 jobs each year.

Improve everyone’s quality of life through sustainable mobility

  • Reinforce our advocacy of road safety, with a strong focus on driver education, especially in emerging countries.
  • Promote energy-efficient, low-emission mobility, particularly in cities.
  • Contribute to the development of a circular economy by advocating renewable and recycled solutions and better use of resources.

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