The 4 strategic pillars

Since the company was founded, Michelin’s mission has been to contribute to progress in mobility. It has chosen to do this through innovation and quality, basing its development on fundamental values, namely respect for customers, respect for people, respect for shareholders, respect for the environment and respect for facts. 

The Group is leveraging its "Michelin Performance & Responsibility" initiative to fulfil its 6 ambitions for 2020, while addressing the expectations of its stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, financial institutions, public authorities and local communities) and fostering the professional success of its employees. To this end, Michelin is focusing on four strategic pillars: innovating with passion, growing to serve our customers, improving competitiveness across the organization and moving forward together.

Michelin's values: a strategy based on 4 pillars

Innovating with passion

One of the cornerstones of Michelin strategy is to differentiate its products and services through technology and innovation, in order to strengthen its leadership and best meet the requirements of end-users. Michelin is looking to confirm its strong lead in this new service economy by introducing targeted offers combining product innovation and service innovation.

Growing to serve our customers

The Group is investing more than ever in the <strong>MICHELIN brand</strong>, expressing both its quality and innovation. MICHELIN high-end brand sales are the lynchpin of growth strategy in all sectors (Car and Light Truck, Trucks and specialty products) and in all markets. <strong>Developing market access </strong>is another driver of growth. Michelin is strengthening its integrated networks through acquisitions and accelerating its franchise programs worldwide. By 2017, it aims to increase its network of franchised dealers from 2,000 to 5,000 sales outlets.

Le Groupe investit plus fortement que jamais sur la marque MICHELIN, expression de la qualité et de l’innovation du Groupe. Les ventes à la marque MICHELIN, marque haut de gamme de référence, sont au cœur de la stratégie de croissance sur l’ensemble des secteurs (Tourisme Camionnette, Poids Lourd et produits de spécialités) et la totalité des marchés.
Développer son accès au marché est un autre moteur de croissance. Michelin conforte ses réseaux intégrés par acquisitions et accélère ses programmes de franchise partout dans le monde. À l'horizon 2017, il vise de porter son réseau de distributeurs franchisés de 2 000 points de vente à 5 000.

Improving competitiveness

Michelin wishes to adopt <strong>new operating methods </strong>and standardized, cross-functional information systems. The Group is therefore aiming to boost sales by offering customers differentiated services, increasing the efficiency of its administrative processes and significantly improving the responsiveness of the supply chain. Operational excellence – a key element of competitiveness – concerns all Group entities. Michelin has introduced a new plan aimed at delivering €1 billion in <strong>competitiveness gains </strong>by 2016, before inflation and including avoided costs. <embed align="right" view="full" size="original" custom:offset="0" custom:limit="5" href="ezobject://1757" />
A modernized Michelin plant

Michelin souhaite se doter de nouveaux modes de fonctionnement et de systèmes d'information standardisés et transversaux. Le Groupe vise ainsi à accroître ses ventes en proposant aux clients des services différenciés, à augmenter l'efficience de ses processus administratifs, à fortement améliorer la réactivité de la supply chain.

Elément clé de la compétitivité, l’excellence opérationnelle concerne toutes les entités du Groupe. Michelin a mis en place un nouveau plan visant des gains de compétitivité de l’ordre de 1 milliard d’euros à l’horizon 2016, hors inflation et en tenant compte des coûts évités.

Moving Forward Together

The &quot;Moving Forward Together&quot; approach reaffirms the <strong>values that drive the Group</strong> and outlines both the Group's commitments and those it expects from its employees. Michelin wants its employees to find personal fulfilment in the performance of their responsibilities.

La démarche « Avancer Ensemble » réaffirme les valeurs qui animent le Groupe et présente les engagements qu’il prend et ceux que le Groupe attend de chacun de ses salariés. Michelin recherche l’épanouissement de ses collaborateurs dans l’exercice de leurs responsabilités.

Our four major projects in Brazil, China, India and the United States were commissioned on time and on budget. Few companies are capable of simultaneously leading such huge projects at the same time. We’re proud to rank among them.

Jean-Dominique Senard, Managing Chairman

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