Mobility beyond tires?

In addition to supplying tires, every day Michelin offers millions of people throughout the world "a better way forward". With mobility services ranging from roadmaps to mobile applications, route planning to travel guides, Michelin offers advice for everyone.

Michelin road maps have changed over the years

Maps and guides

The MICHELIN Guide was published in 1900 to help the very first car drivers organize their trips. Since then, the collection of Michelin maps and guides has been endlessly added to and renewed. ViaMichelin, with its maps, atlases and guides, provides travelers with the most up-to-date information to organize their trips, draw up their own routes and have a handy list of the best hotels and restaurants selected by the MICHELIN Guides. They also have the option of choosing scenic routes, often with outstanding scenery, as described in the Green Guides. Motorcyclists will find details of the roads with most exciting bends in their guide, while motorhome drivers are offered information about the best routes and stopping places.


Michelin was one of the pioneers in offering route services on the Internet. ViaMichelin enables users to prepare and organize the various aspects of their journey online. Route-planning, hotel booking, restaurants and tourist sites, real-time traffic conditions and the weather forecast… everything can be planned in advance using ViaMichelin.

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