Michelin solutions: offering you more than tires

Michelin solutions designs, develops and markets solutions for fleets of trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and light trucks, with the aim of offering customers a wider range of services.

Michelin solutions: Committed to Results

Management has never been as complicated as it is today for all those involved in moving people and goods. Delivering on time, cutting costs, reducing fuel consumption, complying with environmental constraints, managing assets, controlling indicators, finding levers for improved efficiency … for all these issues, there are a number of specialists that propose limited services.

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The Michelin solution goes further, however. The Company commits to results (fuel savings, reduced CO2 emissions and minimum vehicle downtime) under multi-year contracts and is remunerated from the savings made.

If the objective is reached, the savings are shared. If not, the customer receives compensation. This is a new way to prove the contribution of MICHELIN tires to the performance of business fleets, via the deployment of services around and beyond the tires.

A long-term partner

For fleets looking for global and customized improvements in their efficiency, productivity and environmental impact, Michelin solutions is the ideal long-term partner working by their side and openly committing to the control of key indicators, methods and results.

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Michelin solutions: for vehicle fleets

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