Commitment to racing

An integral part of Michelin's very existence and philosophy from the beginning, racing is the “extreme” laboratory for testing tomorrow's solutions today with partners on circuits and tracks worldwide.

Racing, the “extreme” testing ground

Michelin endeavors to take part in competitions that have meaning in terms of future mobility. The Group supports its partners to victory, demonstrating the outstanding quality and performance of its products. This success is then the basis for developing innovative technology for the benefit of the drivers everywhere.

Boosting Brand recognition and notoriety

These commitments involve national and international races, for both amateurs and professionals. They aim to boost the notoriety of the MICHELIN brand in established countries and its recognition in new markets. For Michelin, racing is also a better way of moving forward.

« Michelin's strong commitment to motor sport necessitates the development of innovative technologies and competitive tires. Tire life, safety, energy efficiency and the notion of driving pleasure are all factors that are  integral to the work of the Motorsport division. » 

Pascal Couasnon, Director of MICHELIN Motorsport

Did you know?

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Did you know?

Formula E

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