Shareholder Consultative Committee

Through its input and recommendations, the Shareholder Consultative Committee helps to improve the quality of the Michelin’s financial and/or image communication with individual shareholders.

Shareholder Consultative Committee

Comité Consultatif des Actionnaires

The Shareholder Consultative Committee Members after the Michelin General Meeting (from left to right):

  • Jean-Louis REYNAL , Toulouse (31) 
  • Marie-France AMIC, Paris (75)
  • Xavier DECROOCQ, Cannes (06)
  • Pierre ALLAMAND, Chevreuse (78)
  • Jean-François TICHIT, Viviers (38)
  • Stéphane LEGRAND, Sanary-sur-Mer (83)
  • Jean-François CHARVET, La Madeleine (59)
  • Michel FERNET, St Martin de Seignanx (40
  • Christian COUVRAT, Paris (75)
  • Dominique SERIN, Cébazat (63)
  • Cammie SEYMOUR, Membre salariée (Etats-Unis)
  • Bernard PROST-BOUCLE, Velanne (38)

      Off the day the picture was taken :

  • Claudia PANARAGUA, Membre salariée (Brésil)

The Shareholder Consultative Committee was set up in 2003 with the aim of forging closer ties between Michelin and its individual shareholders. Its role is to:

  • Help improve the quality and transparency of communication, via its discussions and input
  • Relay and understand shareholders' expectations in order to ensure that they are met

A driving force for change, its recommendations are implemented by the Group.

Here are a few examples of topics recently covered by the Shareholder Consultative Committee:

  • Benefits for Michelin of having a social media presence.
  • Advisability of setting up a shareholders club.
  • Creation an e-letter to shareholders, in addition to or instead of the paper version.
  • Form and content of a survey of individual shareholders, designed to get a better idea of who they are and what they expect.
  • Recommendations for future communication initiatives, following the individual shareholder survey.
  • Revision of the notice of meeting for Annual Shareholders Meetings with a view to making it more informative.

Next session of the Meeting of the Shareholder Consultative Committee

september 15, 2017


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