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MICHELIN Anakee III - Michelin Unveils its New Multipurpose Tire for Big Trail Bikes

The new MICHELIN Anakee III tire, which is designed to deliver all the safety and adventure big trail bike users demand, has been certified for use on the new BMW R 1200 GS, the benchmark motorcycle in its category. Beginning in 2013, more than half of these BMW models will be fitted with the new MICHELIN tire when they leave the assembly plant. The tire will also equip the segment’s other leading motorcycles.

In a motorcycle market that reflects today’s economic environment, the big trail bike segment is bucking the trend and continuing to expand. More and more manufacturers are investing in this family of vehicles. For 2013, BMW is revamping its flagship R 1200 GS model, which up until 2012 was the world’s best-selling large motorcycle, regardless of segment.

The new MICHELIN Anakee III tire has been certified by BMW to equip this new version of its on- and offroad bike. Beginning this year, more than half of all BMW R 1200 GS bikes will be fitted with the tire as original equipment, making Michelin the manufacturer’s main partner for the new model. The performance and multipurpose nature of the MICHELIN Anakee III tire is reflected in its ability to meet BMW’s extremely demanding specifications. To accomplish this, BMW and Michelin worked together to co-develop the tire, which required both partners to renew their respective product lineups. The new BMW R 1200 GS was entirely revamped, from the engine (with its liquid cooling system) to the tire sizes (120/70 R19 for the front wheel and 170/60 R17 for the rear). The new MICHELIN Anakee III tire represents a technological breakthrough compared with the previous-generation tire. Thanks to the close cooperation between the motorcycle manufacturer and the tiremaker, the two products are perfectly aligned. And the fact that the MICHELIN Anakee III tire has been selected to equip most models of the motorcycle that is recognized as the standard-setter in its category reaffirms Michelin’s technological leadership and ability to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

This market success of the big trail bikes is being driven by several factors. Reassuringly safe, comfortable and easy to drive, big adventure touring bikes are at home just about anywhere, enabling users to express the multiple facets of their personality. They can smoothly negotiate traffic jams on the daily commute, or hit the highway for longer trips with a passenger and baggage, taking curves in stride with confidence. From time to time, they can also pull off the road for cross-country adventures on back roads or dirt trails. Michelin is addressing these expectations with the new MICHELIN Anakee II tire, capable of adapting to any of the uses popular with big trail bike enthusiasts.

When astride a motorcycle that can do a lot, many bikers demand more performance from the same tire. In line with actual practice, the new MICHELIN Anakee III tire has been designed to be used 90% on-road and 10% off. As a result, it is slightly more of a road tire than its predecessor even as it preserves all of its recognized ability to negotiate trails. The void ratio of the tread has been reduced from 30% to 20%, while safety, high mileage and riding enjoyment top the list of design specs.

More technologies for a safer, more exciting, longer ride

The new MICHELIN Anakee III tire innovates with its unique tread pattern, developed through Michelin’s technological expertise. Featuring bevel-cut central sipes, the tread delivers improved lateral grip. Thanks to new silica-based components, the new MICHELIN Anakee III rear tire lasts 20% longer1 than the MICHELIN Anakee II tire, which already offered unmatched mileage. In addition, the silica helps to improve wet grip. The new tread design makes for regular wear, while delivering a lively response and consistent behavior as the kilometers roll by, for greater safety and a more enjoyable ride.

In short, the new MICHELIN Anakee III tire means an agile, yet stable ride even with a passenger and luggage (thanks to its rigid casing), precision cornering even at high speed2, and excellent braking and cornering response. When cornering at a 30° angle, the contact patch is 10% wider than with the preceding Anakee II tire, thereby demonstrating Michelin’s ability to simultaneously deliver superior performance in several areas by using advanced technologies.

The new MICHELIN Anakee III will be introduced in 14 versions (5 cross-ply and 9 radials) in January 2013, in the following sizes:

100/90 - 19 120/90 - 17
90/90 - 21 130/80 R 17
90/90 - 21 130/80 R 17
90/90 - 21 140/80 R 17
110/80 R 19 150/70 R 17
110/80 R 19 150/70 R 17
120/70 R 19 170/60 R 17

With the MICHELIN Anakee Wild tire, the tiremaker will introduce an off-road version of the new tire that is highly stylized in terms of both design and performance. Already certified by BMW, this radial tire targets riders who love to take their bikes out on the trail. The tire will be available in replacement markets in 2013.

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1 In-house Michelin test
2 In accordance with local legislation