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Stock Market Data

Last update: April 10, 2014

Market of quotation NYSE Euronext Paris stock exchange
Compartment A
Eligible for the SRD deferred settlement system
ISIN Code FR 0000121261
Symbols / tickers Reuters : MICP.PA
Bloomberg : ML
Par value 2 €
Transation unit 1
Indices and weight within indices at December 31, 2013 CAC 40: 1.70%
Euronext 100: 0.74%
Average daily volume of transactions at December 31, 2013 719,464
Market capitalization at December 31, 2013 14.352 billions of euros
First MFPM (Manufacture Francaise des Pneumatiques Michelin) quotation August 22, 1946
First CGEM (Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin), parent company of the Michelin Group quotation 1951
Number of shares making up the CGEM's capital at March 31st, 2014 186,218,909

Share Price History

Share Price History
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Ownership Structure

Ownership Structure
Capital Rights Structure at December 31, 2013