The MICHELIN guide France 2011 features the largest selection of Bib Gourmand restaurants ever

A total of 601 Bib Gourmand restaurants have been selected for the MICHELIN guide France 2011, the most ever in the history of the guide. For the first time in France, the number of Bib Gourmand restaurants, which offer good value for money for a three-course meal, exceeds the number of “starred” restaurants, of which there are 571 in the new edition.

A sign of the times and an indicator of new culinary trends, the Bib Gourmand label indicates restaurants offering a full meal for less than €35 euros in Paris and €29 euros outside the Paris area. It covers all types of cuisine, from local and family-style cooking to highly creative, exotic or classic dishes. The 2011 selection includes 117 new restaurants in the Bib Gourmand category.

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Symbolized in the MICHELIN guide by , the Bib Gourmand label was introduced in 1997. Very popular with readers, these restaurants offer good value for money. To publicize them – and other restaurants in the guide – Michelin is organizing a special springtime event in France called Printemps du guide MICHELIN. From March 21 to June 21, one thousand restaurants across all categories will offer special deals for readers upon presentation of a special pass inserted in the MICHELIN guide France 2011. The offers include specially priced menus, gourmet workshops and discounts on fixed-price menus and à la carte dishes. The list of participating restaurants and their offers will be posted on a dedicated website – – as of Monday, February 28. Using technology provided by ViaMichelin, the website also allows visitors to search for a restaurant by city, for example, and access a personalized itinerary. One new feature this year is that fine food lovers who want to dine in a restaurant partnering the event can obtain a pass for free at This free pass is valid for one month – from March 21 to April 21. A mobile version of the website is also available.

The MICHELIN guide France 2011 also features 571 starred restaurants: 470 with one star (of which 46 new), 76 with two stars (5 new) and 25 with three stars.

In addition to the pleasure of eating well, the MICHELIN guide France also invites readers to partake of the pleasure of feeling well. In France, there are more and more spas offering massages, face and body care, and other wellness treatments. For the first time this year, the MICHELIN guide France includes a selection of the best spas listed in alphabetical order according to the name of the town or city. Readers can thus also look forward to pleasant moments of rest and relaxation.

Released alongside the MICHELIN guide France, the MICHELIN guide Paris 2011 presents a selection of 60 hotels and 423 restaurants for a total of 483 establishments. The guide features a practical information section, 11 theme categories for differing reader tastes and budgets, 20 Paris district maps and a detachable map of the entire city.

For more than a century, the Michelin guide collection has made traveling easier by providing a selection of the best restaurants, hotels and guesthouses around the world. Today, the 26 guides in the collection cover 23 countries on three continents and include more than 45,000 addresses worldwide.

MICHELIN guide France 2011

  • 7,891 establishments in the selection, of which 3,970 hotels, 502 guesthouses and 3,419 restaurants
  • 571 starred restaurants of which 470 with one star (46 new), 76 with two stars (5 new) and 25 with three stars
  • 601 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including 117 new
  • 255 Bib Hotels, of which 25 new
  • 1,920 pages – €24 euros
  • On sale Thursday, March 3, 2011

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MICHELIN guide Paris 2011

  • 483 establishments in the selection, of which 60 hotels and 423 restaurants
  • 70 starred restaurants including 45 with one star (6 new), 15 with two stars (3 new) and 10 with three stars
  • 69 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including 10 new
  • 464 pages – €15.90 euros
  • On sale Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buy online the new MICHELIN guide Paris 2011 (french shop)

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