The MICHELIN PRO4: the bicycle tire which pushes out the envelope on all fronts

Throughout the Group’s 120-year history, the successive challenges that Michelin’s research specialists and developers have been led to face have been overcome by transforming each difficulty into an innovation.

The challenge in the case of the MICHELIN PRO4 was to produce a range of tires that were capable of going more quickly. But that wasn’t all. For three years, Michelin’s engineers also worked to push out the performance envelope on several seemingly irreconcilable fronts at the same time.

The new family of Michelin PR04 road tires for exacting cyclists comprises four products:

  • MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance,
  • MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course,
  • MICHELIN PRO4 Comp Service Course,
  • MICHELIN PRO4 Comp Limited Service Course.


The quest for maximum efficiency for these different forms of cycling served as the cornerstone for each one of these four innovative tires.

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