Michelin is pleased to announce today the MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara 2012, which offers a selection of the best hotels and restaurants in these four cities. The guide introduces a total of 385 establishments of which 296 restaurants, 48 hotels and 41 ryokans. Available in Japanese and English version, the MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara 2012 goes on sale in Japan on October 21st.

In the MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara 2012 selection:

  • 15 restaurants earned three stars(7 in Kyoto, 5 in Osaka, 2 in Kobe and 1 in Nara)
    - Wa Yamamura from newly added, Nara, has gained three stars.
    - Two restaurants from Osaka, Fujiya 1935 and Koryu, have been promoted from two to three stars.
  • 59 restaurants earned two stars(29 in Kyoto, 15 in Osaka, 12 in Kobe and 3 in Nara) and 2 ryokans (all in Kyoto)
    - 7 restaurants (1 in Kyoto, 2 in Osaka, 1 in Kobe and 3 in Nara) join the selection with two stars.
    - 11 restaurants (7 in Kyoto, 3 in Osaka and 1 in Kobe) are promoted from one star to two stars.
  • 222 restaurants earned one star (70 in Kyoto, 88 in Osaka, 43 in Kobe and 21 in Nara) and 2 ryokan (1 in Kyoto and 1 in Kobe)
    - 61 restaurants join in the selection with one star (11 in Kyoto, 19 in Osaka, 10 in Kobe and 21 in Nara).
    - 1 Korean Restaurant has newly joint our selection with one star (Osaka).

From the new area, Nara, 1 three stars, 3 two stars and 21 one star has been selected. And 2 new three stars joint the MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara 2012 selection. With this, the total number of three stars restaurants in the world has been raised to 101 and 15 of them are in this guide. (As of October 18th and including MICHELIN guide New York City).

In the MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara 2012 the selection has been enriched by the addition of a Korean restaurant with one star. In this year’s guide, 90% of the selection is made up of Japanese restaurants and includes traditional Japanese, soba, kushiage, Japanese contemporary, teppanyaki, sushi, yakitori, tempura, fugu, sukiyaki, oden, obanzai, shojin, yuba, and beef specialties, chicken specialties. The remaining is comprised of Steakhouse, French, French Contemporary, Fusion, Italian and Chinese.

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