Michelin at the Paris Motor Show

For the first time, Michelin is presenting its recently introduced tires to consumers:

  • The MICHELIN ENERGYTM E-V tire for electric vehicles.
  • The MICHELIN ENERGYTM SAVER+ tire suitable for almost every car on the market.
  • The MICHELIN AGILIS+ tire for light commercial vehicles.

While each tire is dedicated to a specific use or purpose, they all have one thing in common - they have been designed to combine, in the same tire, often contradictory performance parameters, such as safety, high mileage, energy efficiency and many others.

By unveiling its three new tires to the general public for the first time, Michelin is also demonstrating its commitment to offering consumers, in each one, the market’s most comprehensive blend of performance. That’s what we call MICHELIN Total Performance - the ability to engineer tires that leverage advanced technologies to eliminate performance tradeoffs for users. With MICHELIN tires, they get tight grip regardless of driving conditions, increased fuel efficiency (or energy efficiency for an EV) and longer tread life.

MICHELIN Total Performance represents a powerful brand commitment in every category of MICHELIN car and van tires.

This autumn is a special time for European tire buyers, because for the first time, tires sold after November 1 must carry a sticker displaying objective information about their performance in three areas: wet grip, energy efficiency and outside rolling noise. By rating tires in these three areas, the new regulation will help to raise consumer expectations and drive an improvement in the performance of commercial tires.

Michelin goes far beyond regulatory compliance, however, in that it is committed to ensuring that every one of its tires delivers much more performance than just the three areas displayed on the sticker.

While safety is one of the key performance features of MICHELIN tires, safe driving also requires appropriate training and motorist awareness of the dangers on the road. Michelin is supporting the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in deploying an international advertising program promoting the ten Golden Rules to make roads safer. The program was designed as part of the FIA’s participation in the UN’s Decade of Action for road safety.

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