Michelin TWEEL, a breakthrough non-pneumatic concept.04/27/06

Michelin TWEEL, a non-pneumatic mobility concept, will increase productivity because it is maintenance-free, puncture-proof, easy to mount and dismount and provides a longer service life than radial tires.

Michelin TWEEL offers an alternative response to the vital question of tire damage resistance in the earthmover industry. As it does not have a tire-like pressurized air cavity, it cannot be punctured, thus assuring continuous mobility. The simple, innovative hub and spoke design allows for easy replacement of Michelin TWEEL. Even better, Michelin TWEEL is meant to be easily retreadable.

Taken together, these features mean that Michelin TWEEL is expected to deliver performance that exceeds that of inflated tires.

Michelin is currently studying the application of the TWEEL in small, lightweight earthmover vehicles. For these compact skid-steer loaders, which generally have to navigate extremely rough terrain, there are several advantages to using the Michelin TWEEL. Its main asset is that it cannot puncture, thus removing the risk of immobilization while delivering all the performance features of pneumatic tires.  The skid-steers are usually rented: Michelin TWEEL will help both rental companies and customers to make enormous gains in productivity.

During the first tests carried out with customers, other advantages were identified, in particular in relation to comfort. On a skid-steer equipped with Michelin TWEEL, the driver felt fewer bumps and less vibration. Driving precision and tread wear are also optimized.

The benefits of Michelin TWEEL :

 - maintenance-free
 - easy mounting and dismounting
 - puncture-proof
 - longer wear resistance
 - better distribution of pavement stress
 - simplified manufacturing process
 - reusable base structure for retreading
 - improved shock and road hazard resistance